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Why is Pakistan vulnerable to floods?

Floods in pakistan 2022 one third pakistan is under water | climate change

Highest disaster risk levels:

Pakistan is at the highest risk of being affected by disasters. Now and then, there are earthquakes in different parts of the country. Due to internal conflict and exposure to earthquakes, the country’s situation remains up and down. Also, the cities and villages are prone to too much flooding because of heavy rainfalls. The places which do not have rainfalls, face droughts. Indeed, Pakistan is open to a variety of natural disasters. 

However, one reason of extreme flooding is the lack of management and least development of the dams. Certainly, the solutions are to eradicate poverty and take serious measures to protect the country. Rivers in Pakistan flood regularly. Melting of glaciers, monsoon rainfall, watershed deforestation, and siltation are some of the main causes of riverine floods in Pakistan.

Floods Victims

Natural calamity of 2022:

The year 2022 is extremely unfortunate for the country. Consistent monsoon rains caused flash floods. The mountainous areas and the places are subject to urban flooding. The major cities of KPK, Punjab, Sindh, and Kashmir faced disaster. Many people got homeless and were completely at a loss. Before this, Baluchistan was on the hit list of being affected by severe floods. Also, the dams broke down and caused water pressure to reach cities, towns, and villages. Indeed, the rural settlements are fully washed away.

One Third Under Water

Ways to prevent flooding in Pakistan:

To reduce your risk, avoid construction in high-risk floodplain locations. Understand your property’s elevation of adjacent bodies of water. Know how to get to high ground quickly if your home is not on high ground. Also, keep an eye out for flood watches and warnings. Ideally, the plantation is the greatest answer to this problem. Plantations are artificial forests; some species, like Eucalyptus and Mangroves, are particularly valuable since they naturally protect us from floods, tidal waves, and tsunamis. Surely, they may be grown beside rivers, canals, and dams.

Dams can prevent from floods taking place since they are the greatest water storage facility for storing water for usage. Flooding happens every year during the monsoon season in Pakistan due to a lack of dams. Dams of different sizes must be built around the country to store excess water and prevent future flooding disasters. Hence, the dams reduce the risk of flooding in different communities by releasing water in controlled amounts. Dams also act as a reservoir for filling groundwater. 

In a nutshell:

Pakistan must take serious safety measures to prevent flooding, especially before the monsoon season begins. So, the related bodies need to do flood management. Also, the flood protection plan needs to be updated as of the current time. NGOs can play their roles to devise flood prevention processes. Indeed, correct knowledge is the key to success. Dams and reservoirs need quick development. Currently, the excessive floods have taken the lives and homes of many. In the long run, flood management techniques can help to reduce natural tragedies. We can at least formulate ways to prevent disasters in Pakistan. 

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